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Kevin, Salon Owner

"My clients love the quality and sustainability of  Najee's Fragrances.  The demand is high for these fragrances in my salon"

Phillip, Store Owner

"I have know Najee for over a decade.  He has brought such a pleasant energy and aroma to my store.  He is always courteous and professional"

Monique, 10 year customer

"I feel like Najee's fragrances are tailor made for me and my vibe.  When he creates a new fragrance It is almost always a winner"

About Najee Fragrances Intl LLC

  When someone wears a fragrance it speaks volumes to their personality.   Your fragrance should speak for you.  Your fragrance should leave an impression in the room. Your fragrance should have people in awe and wondering what you are wearing . 


  We are a company that specializes in manufacturing fine body oils, car sprays and incense. We strive to offer you the highest quality possible. We aspire to be phenomenal and aspire others to be as well.  Our quality fragrances are offered in over 100 locations in Arkansas and Texas with new locations coming soon.

 Najee Fragrances has been in the high quality fragrances business for over 3 decades.  It's that dedication to the highest quality product that has allowed us to sustain resiliency and growth by the grace of G-D.  


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